NAL Showroom @ Moxie Lighting

Stop by to see some of the most interesting pieces from NAL installed at the Moxie Showroom, 1239 Broadway, New York, NY. We are displaying some of our most interesting lighting options from Esse-Ci, Planlicht, and others. See below for more information. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Moxie Lighting @

Richard Sayre
VP of Sales & Marketing


Featured Brands


Designed and built in Italy, esse-ci offers a full range of lighting solutions for offices, large scale to boutique retail, as well as schools, hospitals, and museums.

On display are the innovative Diamante and Semplice linear systems, plus Crater and Uplik.


Providing high quality, Austrian made lighting fixtures for over 30 years, planlicht offers stand-alone solutions as well as complex lighting systems. Planlicht offers the highest quality and performance for offices, shops, public buildings, and private projects.

On display are the Skai, Anto, Quadro, and Lilibet.