Lux Tube

Product Description

LuxTube, available in the US and Canada from Orbit Illuminations, is a patented and innovative lighting system using LED technology. LuxTube allows designers enormous possibilities of easily creating custom lighting solutions tailored to the spaces they will inhabit. LuxTube is flexible and easy to shape allowing the creation of seductive curves. Once formed the tube remembers its shape and maintains given form. The system allows for combinations to create effects that may be impossible to achieve otherwise. For longevity it has significant impact strength and is resistant to cracking at high pressure. Use the LuxTube system to create individual luminaire shapes, or integrated lighting following the form of the designed space. The LuxTube can also be installed indoors or outdoors… The only limitation is your creativity.





Exterior, Interior


Ceiling / Surface, Pendant, Wall


Linear, Round, Square, Geometric, Organic

Light Source


Product Type

Architectural, Custom, Rings

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